Welcome to the Spanishoegallery Blog! My name is Ann Mailsi and I will be talking to you about…..Spanish shoes, of course. As I go, I will be adding new features and new categories – tidbits about fashionable Spain, the people behind the shoes, and Spain’s shoe geography.

For now, feel free to browse by style or by brand. Also, don’t forget to visit our interactive Shoe Map. It’s really awesome! We love getting comments and questions relating to the shoes and do our best to get you the most accurate information available.

If you want to know more about me or other people who are contributing to this website, please visit our About page.

Last, but not least, this website and the blog are also a salute to Spanish women, whose sense of style and way of being has been an inspiration, always.

We are looking forward to sharing our passion for Spanish shoes!


The Spanishoegallery Blog team:

Ann Mailsi, fashion observer and writer.


Sasha Naumov, art director & illustrator.


About Me

Ann Mailsi is a writer and social media buff based in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada. Her interests include fashion, technology, and nature adventures.

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