RAS: Carmen

RAS Shoes designers chose to give their Carmen fancy boots that she could have fun in, very much in keeping with the flirty, tongue-in-cheek attitude of this free-spirited brand. As far as I can see, the boots are made of black suede, with a riot of decorative elements, one element topping the other, but all working very well together (at least in my view). The giant dark pink ruffle on the outer side of the left boot stands out, of course. It represents the skirt of the painted two-dimensional jolly looking cartoon-like Spanish dancer character sporting a pink and white bodice, a white fan and a huge pink flower in her red hair (or is it a mantilla?) 

The right boot has a similar two-dimensional – three-dimensional dancer design, but much smaller and in different colors: yellow –green bodice with a purple skirt. It also has what looks like a turquoise pen with a golden tip (please correct me who knows better!) on the front and, possibly, a red silk bow on the inner side.

The bottom part of both boots is densely sequined in pink, with the right boot also sporting a red heart of shiny texture. The ornately patterned dark pink lining is visible through multiple perforations on the surface of both boots and it is fully revealed at the top, where the boots are folded over and tied with black suede straps. Somewhere underneath it all are two high conically shaped rubber heels. Pretty crazy, but it works!


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