HuelvaEvery year Huelva, an ancient town in Andalusia (and capital of the province of the same name), stages traditional religious processions and equestrian events that draw multitudes of people. Participants and spectators are often seen wearing leather boots made in Valverde del Camino, a local municipality.

(Photo: boot

Campero boot Cartujano style,

Traditional vaquero-style leather boots have been produced in Valverde del Camino for over three centuries.The end of the 1970 marked the creation of  the collective Botas De Valverde del Camino trademark – a testament to the popularity of Valverde’s feature product: the campero boot. The trademark represents a group of small manufacturers of leather boots and accessories. The collective strives to broaden the boots’ appeal from the traditional outdoor festival and equestrian scene to those who appreciate a good quality boot, wherever they are in the world. Individual companies include Dakota Boots, El Estribo, Herce, and Lazo y Duque.



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