New York Fashion Week September 5-12, 2013

The fashion week frenzy is setting in and the Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week is leading the parade.

Spain is represented by Custo Barcelona, Delpozo (in its second year), and Desigual (a newbie). Desigual and Custo Barcelona are based in Barcelona, while Delpozo is from Madrid. The shows are clouded in secrecy leading up to the event – even when the images are released afterwards through the press and the blogosphere, public information on the shoes that were part of the runway events is scarce.

Here are some pictures of the gorgeous shoes that accompanied the Delpozo Spring 2014 collection, which was presented in New York this past Sunday, September the 8th. I don’t know whether they were designed in-house or what, but I do know that the designers were Spanish!

New York Delpozo




Fashion icon, Olivia Palermo, was busy at the NYFW this past week:

Olivia Palermo NYFW

In the meantime, Madrid is gearing up for its own Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week (formerly Pasarela Cibeles) that will start this coming Friday the 13th. Here is one of Madrid’s top fashion bloggers, Paula Ordovás, on Saturday, September 7, getting into the spirit at Madrid’s El Retiro:

Paula Ordovas, sept 7, 2013


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