What she saw in Palma II

I’m proud to report that Marina‘s shoe reconaissance trip to Palma this past July was a great success. Not every store, however, was very comfortable with her taking photographs. But Marina is not easily deterred. (Actually, it’s quite impossible to deter her).

She told the sales people that it was all for a good cause. She told them about her friend Ann from Canada who was wild about the shoes and who needed the pictures for her blog. She shook her iPad with my e-mails in front of their faces. She ended up getting her way, but one teensy-weensy issue still remained. She had only three minutes per store. After that her husband, who was waiting outside with her three children, would start letting the kids in after her.

What is three minutes per store for shoes? Nothing, if you are a woman. Marina stilll managed to take a good few pictures, but when she got to Pons Quintana she realized that she had a problem. One look around was enough to realize that three hours would not be enough – so much she liked what she saw. By the time she was in the middle of explaining to the sales woman why she absolutely needed to be allowed to take that many pictures when she could not possibly try on that many shoes, three minutes were up. The sales lady looked at the iPad, looked at Marina, who by that time had all her three kids (12, 11, and 2) hanging off her like monkeys on a tree, and started to laugh. After such an encouraging reaction, Marina did not even mind the kids’ whining.

Oh, and the last thing: the friendly sales woman also asked Marina to say “hi” to me. So, at the odd chance that she might read this, I’m saying “hi” back. It’s only too bad that we don’t know her name. Anyway, without further ado, here is some of what Marina saw at the Pons Quintana store in Palma: Pons Quintana dark pink


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