RAS glitters

RAS Shoes should consider conducting an online course “How to decorate shoes with rhinestones, glittery appliqués, and other shiny things and do it tastefully 101”. Working with such things as sequins, beads, bows, ribbons, decorative studs, tassels and Swarovski crystals requires discipline and a clear creative vision. RAS Shoes from Spain have both. RAS designers know how to make a shoe sparkly and classy. Here are some models from RAS Fall-Winter 2013-14 featuring metallic detailing, exquisite piping, and gold and silver laminate effects.

(Photos: yoox.com)

The large toe detail on this ballet flat is ACTUALLY made out of brass-colored safety pins (the safety pins have small diamond-like rhinestones stuck to them)

RAS ballet flatsRAS ballet flats1RAS ballet flats2RAS ballet flats3RAS closed-toe slip-onRAS moccassinsRAS moccassins1RAS moccassins2 RAS ankle boots


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