IMG_20632The house of Mascaró from Ferreries, Menorca, has been in existence since 1918. A third-generation family business, it started out as a manufacturer of ballet slippers and has since gone on to produce high-fashion shoe lines like Jaime Mascaró, Úrsula Mascaró, and, most recently, the Pretty Ballerinas brand. The company’s annual output stands at 500,000 pairs, more than half of which are exported.

Mascaró shoes are the ultimate style statement. Whether it’s the material, the form, the color, or the lining, each design is carried through to perfection. The company has a network of 78 brand shops and more than 5,000 multi-brand sales points in exclusive shopping areas. In Spain, its boutiques can be found in major cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, and abroad in fashion capitals such as Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, Cannes, Monte Carlo and Taiwan.

Úrsula Mascaró (on the left) and husband David Bell, co-owner of the brand, posing with British blogger Monica Beatrice Welburn of the, at the Mascaró factory in Ferreries, Menorca.

Elgin Avenue Mascaro PB1Mascaro FactoryMFactory





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