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At month and a half old, this blog is finally entering the blogosphere! Exciting stuff. We are now part of the Independent Fashion Bloggers network. Made several friends already (they just keep coming:) and honestly, each and everyone of these gals (and guys) seems really accomplished and interesting. How am I going to manage to read them all?! Most of these people are on Bloglovin’– basically, a platform for showcasing your blog and following others. It’s very neat! There are bloggers there from Australia, Norway, Lebanon, Italy, France, Spain, and, of course, the US. Spanishoegallery is also on Bloglovin’ starting today.
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Some of these girls I’ve been following already anyway. The Spanish blog “Los Zapatos de Barbara” (“Barbara’s Shoes”) and the French blogger Adeline Rapon are the ones that stood out so far. I’ll be doing a post about Adeline in the near future. For now I’ll leave you with one of her recent fall looks, featuring shoes by one of the companies we follow very closely on this blog: RAS Shoes. Enjoy!

image image


Photos: Adeline Rapon (, September 2, 2013)


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