Rebeca Sanver

rebecaRebeca Sanver brand prides itself on being in tune with modern femininity, whether at work, play, while traveling, or simply relaxing in an informal setting. Designs strive to reflect such modern traits as changeability, desire to stand out, and love of pop culture.

In 2003 Rebeca Sanver launched To Be Shoes, an off-shoot of the main line, aimed specifically at the younger crowd. Armed with two clearly differentiated product lines (and a bridal line as well), the company goes after a broad-based international clientele, in recent years taking the Chinese and Eastern European markets by storm.

Rebeca Sanver shoes and accessories can be purchased at top retail locations in Hong Kong, Paris, Düsseldorf, Tokyo, to name just a few, as well as online at

Rebeca Sanver is based in Elda, Alicante.



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