Paloma Barceló Lemon


This sandal with a  huge, cut-out wedge platfrom from Paloma Barceló‘s Spring-Summer 2013 collection is an eye-catching piece that is in keeping with the brand’s dare-to-be-different style.

The cut out in the wedge definitely requires some daring on the part of the wearer, but those ready to take the leap of faith reap their reward in the bejeweled suede upper.  The richness of the yellow, the texture of the suede – so soft in contrast to the shiny hardness of the lacquered wedge,  the beautifully colored crystals  (the turquoise is especially stunning with the yellow) make this a truly unique, exquisite pair of shoes. The foot is held gently, but securely, by a T-shaped ankle strap and another strip of suede for the toes.

To purchase the sandal, click on the image.


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