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I’m discovering the Hispanitas collection these days – just found out that they ship outside Europe after all (see comments for this post). Great news for all of us!

Today I want to talk about boots. Everyone is wearing riding boots these days. Streets, buses, and subway cars are full with equestrians of all ages. It’s nice to see, because I like riding boots, but the style does get repetitive after a while and all boots seem the same.

Not so with the Hispanitas riding boot from this season’s collection. It comes in two versions: the 4.5 cm and the 3 cm heel. The first only comes in tan, the second also comes in taupe and black. The 4.5 cm heel version is taller and more slender.  In a nod to the equestrian esthetic, the outer side of the boot has a contrasting dark-brown stripe of leather running all the way up to the top. It is decorated with four large light-colored metal buttons, which sit right under the v-shaped cut in the edge. The lower part of the boot is made of shinier, stiffer leather with contrasting dark brown seams, while the leg is soft split suede.

Hispanitas Tan bootHispanitas Tan boots.1JPGHispanitas Tan boots

The 3 cm heel version has the same leather composition, but is stouter in appearance. It has no leather insert on the outside leg, but instead the shaft has a slanted overlapping cut, with a fold-over effect in the front. It makes the leg of the boot look like it is being held together by five round metal buttons (four brass-colored, one dark colored with a crest), but the buttons are decorative, just like on the tan version. Both models have zippers on the inner side.


One design, but such variety in texture and detail. It must be such a pleasure to wear!

Both versions of the boot are available to purchase through the Hispanitas online shop or if you are ordering from outside Europe, e-mail your order to b2c@hispanitas.com.


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