Paloma Barceló Spring-Summer 2014:1st instalment

Adele from Paloma Barceló sent me an early Christmas present: the look book of Paloma Barceló’s SS2014 collection. I’d been very intrigued by the hints dropped here and there on the company’s Facebook page, but was quite prepared to wait until Spring, but now I can show you the shoes in all their glory. The company is becoming quite an obsession of mine. Their designs display so much creative force, such daring, avant-garde, illusionistic personality, that I’ve really come to consider them wearable art.

Posting all the models at once would be sensory overload, so I chose three models to kick start this series, which will be continuing all through December and possibly into January.

First, in keeping with our current Deep Blue & Yellow theme, I would like to present to you this blue suede wedge with a wide ankle strap:


A gorgeous Mediterranean blue with a visually intriguing wedge/sole combination: the sole, made of white rubber, is as thick as the wedge, but stands at an angle to it. A thin golden band visually separates the two. From the onlooker’s perspective, it must seem that you are walking on air – the blue is so vibrant, the golden line such a perfect finish, that the white sole simply disappears from view. Imagine the looks on people’s faces when they see you float by in these beauties!

The next one is a white and pale gold platform pump, made entirely out of cord:


This is more than a proud display of artisanal roots, this is tradition being reinterpreted and reinvented for the future. The solid foundation gives this shoe firm contact with the ground. I wonder how heavy they are. Not too heavy, I imagine. Walking in them  must be a bit like walking on stilts during a carnaval. Exhilarating  and fun.

And finally, Paloma Barceló‘s take on what seems to be a trend for next summer: a wicker wedge sandal. (See Castañer version here). The piece plays on the contrast between the dark blonde of the wedge and the navy of the upper, between the smooth, tough texture of the wicker and the soft, caressing texture of the suede. A navy suede covered insert visually splits the wedge in half like filling in a cake – another cool illusionistic trick that is sure to get a lot of double-takes. As a finishing token of luxury, a gold-colored metal brand name plaque clasps the back of the wedge just above the thin rubber sole. PALOMABARCELOSS14u   What did you think? Be sure to leave your comments and stay tuned for the 2nd instalment of Paloma Barceló SS2014!


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