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The New Year is near and before we know it, it will be time to wear Spring-Summer 2014. Here are four dream shoes from Paloma Barceló’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection. Every time I post about Paloma Barceló I’m struck with how much a pleasure it is to even look at the shoes. They are so complete in their beauty that I never even think of what clothes one might want to wear with them. I guess one wouldn’t have to wear much.


A gorgeous T-strap wedge sandal with a signature golden rim that separates the wedge from the tall-as-a-ship white rubber sole.  The alternating braided and smooth straps in pale gold leather add intricacy to the design and create visual harmony between the upper and the rope weave in the wedge. Having just reread Greek myths, I imagine that if the goddesses of Mount Olympus were looking for shoes to wear, this is the sandal they would choose.


This tall wedge pump with a wide velcro-closure ankle strap is exquisite in white suede. The cooler white of the upper is separated from a warmer white hue of the sole by the signature golden rim. The two whites work as naturally together as snow and clouds. A perfectly feminine fairy would feel totally at home in these shoes. I also heard that Jennifer Lopez was very fond of white: apparently she once sent a whole television station in Toronto scrambling to deck out the studio she was going to be in with everything white – furniture, rugs, flowers, you name it. Well, if she is still into that, she would have to get herself these Paloma Barcelós. Who will undertake the task of letting her people know?


A wicker wedge with a triangular gap in the middle – another reality defying feat, so characteristic of Paloma Barceló. The T-strap upper in cool white suede serves as a delicious topping for the pale blond wedge.


This wedge pump is the crowning glory of the collection. The message is clear: rope is the new gold.

Happy New Year!



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  1. The shoes are priceless but defo the second pair is my favorite, super matchable and comfy. I love when the sole is complete specially when they are high because I am not falling all the time (As I usually do just with heels) I still don’t like rope too much on me, but I agree that the shoes are a piece of art. You know I love your blog! 🙂

    1. I hear you. I also love #2. In general, Paloma Barcelo’s are very stable. I know – rope is not for everyone. But I love the way they push to the limit. Thanks for reading!

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