Sacha London Bala Look with Yoox

Happy New Year! As promised, I thought of something to wear with the beautiful Bala boots by Sacha London (see post here) that is not a bridal outfit or a Snow Queen costume. Inspiration came from – Internet’s leading virtual fashion and design boutique from Italy. Shopping with Yoox  is a lot of fun, even if you are just “window-shopping”. You get to see the work of so many different designers: a great majority of them Italian, but also American, English, and Spanish. There is very little that one cannot find on Yoox. Their stylists also make it easy for you to come up with ideas by compiling themed lists: a little while ago my attention was caught by the “White Out” theme. I dove in immediately, anticipating the pleasure of wading through a sea of white, looking for pieces that would work with the Bala boot.

Full disclosure: this blog is in an affiliate partnership with, providing you with links to Yoox items that we choose to feature. Simply click on the image and you will be redirected to the product page. The Spanishoegallery Blog gets paid ONLY if you go through with the purchase.

Voila, here is my outfit:icon icon icon icon

SLbala white

A heavy-weight cotton cable-knit sweater in ivory (Boy by Band of Outsiders, an LA-based label) – click the image to buy

Low-waist stretch jeans in white (Vanessa Bruno, Italy) – click the image to buy

Bala ankle boots in pearly white (Sacha London, Spain) – available here



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