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Today, at the nail salon, a girl who was helping me put on my RAS flip-flops (see post here) exclaimed: “Oh, they are so pretty, so pretty!”

I was happy she liked them. I like them very much myself. This put me in mind of making my last August post on RAS summer collection. A bit late, maybe. Unless you are heading somewhere warm in fall or winter – for you the summer will be happily extended.

RAS is a bit elusive as a company. A luxury shop by their own account, they are not aggressive when it comes to marketing. Few Spanish companies are really aggressive, but RAS is even less so. They seem to rely heavily on an established customer base in Europe and Japan and they also actively bet on style bloggers, like this very cute Italian blogging sensation Irene Colzi (here wearing RAS stud-embellished T-strap sandals in black with a black and white zig-zag patterned wedge):


Image source: RAS Shoes blog.


One thing is for sure: as I’ve said a few times on this blog already, the people who create these shoes have a very fine artistic taste and are masters of costume jewelry.





RAS loves fantasy. Case in point: this golden open-toe clog.  Distressed leather upper is eye-catching and beautiful,while the raffia black & gold checkered wedge pattern makes it look like something from Alice in Wonderland.





This black backless peep-toe boot has a layered wedge, front zipper and a spider-web like shaft – more holes than anything. Tantalizing and cool, perfect for clubbing.





The silver versions of Irene Colzi‘s wedge and the “spider” boot would look amazing on tanned legs.





And a bag to match:




What floored me personally, however, was this “bucket” or retro-style toiletry bag made out of jute rope, light-tan leather, embellished with white studs, a golden metal chain and a golden brand logo tag.I love this kind of accessory. It’s perfection, in my books:



Some of this stuff is available through RAS online shop. The bucket bag, unfortunately, isn’t. I think I will contact RAS and inquire about it. If they respond, of course. They seem to like the veneer of mystery.

So, this is it for the summer. Calendar summer continues, but for me, once September hits, it’s Fall.

Summer went by so fast. At least here, in the virtual reality of the blog we can keep the summer dream going. Join us!






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