Shoe of the Week: LODI (again)


This week I chose this pink sandal by LODI, because it is the first studded high-heel sandal that really did it for me. Many a studded sandal made their appearance over the last couple of years, most notably ones by Valentino, and other good brands, Spanish included (Lola Cruz had a number of models in the style), but to my eyes, none achieved the harmony of this version by LODI.

First of all, the gold colored studs look great against the cool pink. Secondly, the sharpness of the edges is balanced by the supple quality of the textured metallic leather. The ankle strap has an adjustable buckle (the second, lower buckle is ornamental). The 7.5 cm or 2.6” heel is broad, but not too broad, even though I am not sure how it would feel when walking, given that the front part is so light and delicate.

In any case, it’s just really, really pretty.


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