Shoe of the Week: Sendra Boots

This week it’s a pair of boots, actually, that made the cut. They are by Sendra, a well-established and well-loved Made in Spain company that designs and manufactures Western (cowboy) style and rocker type boots. While not many wear this style of boots in Spain these days, the company is hugely popular in other places, like the United States.

Tall embroidered boots by Sendra with a 1.56” wide heel. A wide strap that wraps around the instep is embellished with silver-color studs. Available on YOOX, click on the picture for details.

I’ve noticed that I feature a lot of white shoes in the “Shoe of the Week” series (see entries here, here, here and here). Well, there is something special about white shoes or boots. White is a formal color usually reserved for weddings and a few other solemn occasions, but if you know how to wear it, you will always turn heads by wearing a pair of fancy white boots.


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