Shoe of the Week: LOTTUSSE

Given the weather here in Canada, it is not at all surprising that my thoughts are currently revolving around boots. I look at what other people are wearing and also at what my favourite Spanish companies are offering. This calf-skin navy blue boot by Lottusse I’ve been eyeing for a while, actually. The cut is equestrian, wide at the top and snug on the bottom, but the velvety texture of the suede with its slight purple undertones and the virtually flat, rubber-reinforced sole make it a high-style urban comfort type of boot. The single instep strap with the metallic buckle closure is all the embellishment needed to achieve the “style soigné” that is signature Lottusse.

A tall calf-skin suede boot by Lottusse.

One thing I haven’t figured out yet is whether it is possible to order this boot from the Lottusse website. I’ve written to the company, so stay tuned!


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