Dance The Night Away

New Year’s Eve, or Sylvester Night as many know it in Europe, is tomorrow. On this occasion I wanted to leave all the readers and visitors of the Spanishoegallery Blog with something light, frilly, and fun, like this avarca sandal made by Alpargatitas.  Alpargatitas (Little Espadrilles) is a Spanish firm that sells whimsical made-to-order espadrilles and other types of traditional shoes for special occasions. This model is called “A Bailar“, meaning “Let’s Dance!” (UPDATE: Sadly, Alpargatitas seems to have ceased to exist).

dance night
The “A Bailaravarca sandal by Alpargatitas.

Avarca sandals are native to the Balearic islands, especially to Menorca.  They are light, comfortable, and can be very ornamental, like this Alpargatitas model shows. The leather in the front is painted by hand. If New Year’s Eve parties are good for anything, then it’s dancing, first and foremost. Dancing is one of the happiest things one can do. So, dance the night away, preferably in shoes that are as suitable for dancing as they are beautiful. Happy New Year to all!


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