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It’s time to get your list ready for the Three Magic Kings! Once they came from the Orient bearing gifts for baby Jesus. For a long time now the Kings have also been bringing gifts to the children in Spanish-speaking countries.

The three Majesties, named Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar, process through the towns every year in the afternoon of January 5th, to everyone’s entertainment and delight. The kids are all alive with anticipation of presents, enjoying the party together with the adults (who secretly harbor lists of their own).

So, traditionally, on this blog I put my own list together, if only to really determine what it is that I really, really want (pardon the pun). Of course, I only blog about things that I consider worthy of notice, but I post for many people, with different tastes, not only my own. The following list represents my own personal taste (all Made in Spain, of course).

So, Dear Mssrs. Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar, here it goes:

Mid-heel patent leather pumps by Pura López.

The iconic “nude” line by Pura López is to die for. It changes a little bit from season to season, but to me, as nudes go, these are the most desirable shoes in the world. One little problem: the Pura López online shop does not yet ship to North America, but surely it is no obstacle for the Three Magic Kings!

Taupe leather “Federica” ballerinas by Malababa.
Malababa a boutique firm run by the Madrid-based Ana Carrasco. She specializes in hand-made leather shoes and accessories. This ballerina (colors vary slightly) is a Malababa classic.

I fell for these ballerinas by Malababa  a while ago, they topped my list in theWhich Ballerina is Better?”post  (see it here). The shape, the quality of leather, and the simplicity – everything is just right.


Enough with ballerinas? No way. These are made by Defloresyfloreros (also a Madrid-based firm), and they are made of satin, with contrasting yellow rim and grosgrain bow in the front. The logo is sewn onto the side.

This classic model is called “Capote“, because the gorgeous color combination and the shiny texture are reminiscent of a torero‘s cape.


I saw this suede and leather shopping-style bag on Instagram a week or so ago and can’t get it out of my head. It is by a brand called DHispania. To me this bag has great color, just the right amount of fringe, the right proportion of leather to suede, the right size and shape. I can see myself walking around with it, I “feel it in my fingers”. The bag is carried by a Madrid store called SUMA Navacerrada, which sells leather shoes, clothes, and accessories. It also has an online shop.

So here you go, this is my little list. What’s yours?


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