Shoe of The Week: Mikaela

Our latest Shoe of the Week is a grey suede ballerina by Mikaela.

I’m a real fan of the brand, because it combines cheerful and tasteful design, quality materials, foot-friendly construction, and moderate prices. The firm is currently revamping its corporate image, slightly changing its logo and creating special red shoe boxes.


Hopefully, these efforts will also extend to extending their sales to North America. As it stands right now, you have to either buy or order Mikaela shoes in Spain, or hope that some online shoe store carries the model you like.

A suede ballerina with a small heel and a matching patent leather tip by Mikaela.

I’ve liked a lot of Mikaela models in the past and own a T-strap ballerina of theirs, which I love (got it through YOOX, you can see it here), but this grey model really caught me. I love the varying tones of the grey suede, the shiny tip, the small heel, and the oh so very elegant shape. It could make a great town or office shoe, even a party shoe, depending on the outfit. I’ll do my best tracking down this ballerina at some online store.

I hope you like it too!


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