Élysèss, an exclusively women’s Spanish shoe brand based in Elche, stood out to me because of its deft mix of retro, classic, and bohemian styles. Flowing, feminine lines, smooth edge finish, soft textures, sparse, but effective embellishments, and moderately high heels present a unified design vision. Élysèss prides itself on knowing what women want from their shoes as they go from the office or other daily occupations to social gatherings and romantic encounters.

I’m inclined to agree: the collection that I’ve seen so far exudes a soft, comforting vibe that allows for a wide choice in dress and freedom in movement.

A suede wedge by Élysèss with a bow over the instep. The thin layer of graphite inserted in the back between the upper and the wedge adds luster to the deep velvety black of the shoe.
The suede pump by Élysèss measures a 6 cm (2.4”) wedge.

The slight retro touch of this wedge, with its high sides and elongated toe box, makes for a pretty profile. At the same time, the bow is tied in a free, bohemian manner. These wedges are just the perfect height for zipping around town and for sipping a drink in a bar, one leg over the knee slightly swinging to the beat of the music. I would wear them in a heart beat.

Purple-blue suede ballerina with a hidden platform by Élysèss.
ElysessBlueSuedeBallerina (2)
The ballerina is constructed according to the anatomical shape of the foot, wider in the front and progressively narrowing towards the back.

I really like the shape and the simplicity of this ballerina. The smooth finish of the edges, with seams barely visible, adds sophistication.

Bronzed leather medium-heel tall boot by Élysèss, as seen on Karmavel Moda.

This boot is featured on the Karmavel Moda online shopping site, which specializes in selling fashion Made in Spain (hence the transparent Karmavel logo over the image). The copper-bronze metallic color is strikingly pretty, not something you see every day. Like in other models, the single embellishment, beside a tiny metallic logo at the top of the boot shaft, is a thin layer of golden colored metal-like material wedged between the boot and the heel. The heel is very well proportioned. The height was not indicated, but it looks reasonable – not low and not too high. All in all, a beautiful piece.


Velvety suede wedge ankle boot with an over-sized buckle by Élysèss . Wedge height 6 cm (2.4″).

This ankle boot is clearly the sidekick to the the bow wedge above. Its style also reminds me of the “Fuji” ankle boot by Paloma Barceló, which I bought last year (see it below and in the post here).

Fuji” platform ankle boot by Paloma Barceló. Wedge height over 3″ (or 7.7 cm)

While the Paloma Barceló boot is very glam, the Élysèss model has better overall functionality. In terms of style both are great, but the Élysèss model is more economical (the prices typically range between 80 and 100 Euros).

Spotty suede pump by Élysèss. Heel height 4.5 cm (1.8″).

Personally, I have a weakness for small spots patterns. I think that they are very flattering. I’m not sure what animal print this pattern is intended to represent, but it doesn’t matter. It is even more original than the more “real” leopard print pattern, which we are seeing so much of these days. The pump has an attractive shape, with a not-too-wide, also suede-covered, heel. I would love to sink my feet into these!

Peep-toe kitten heel slingback with a side buckle by Élysèss.

This delightful peep-toe sling back is made of gold-laminated textured leather. I got it from the Karmavel Moda site. As they say, the truly beautiful is simple. A gorgeous party shoe.

A lace-up natural leather color fur-lined winter boot by Élysèss. Heel height 8.5 cm (3.3″)

The boot is made from robust, well-oiled leather, and it looks like the lining is natural fur. The sole is thick, but light. All in all, a casual, but stylish and warm bet for the winter.

Élysèss has been around for seven years, but, as with many Elche-based firms, the expertise of the creators goes back thirty years or more, which, I assume, applies to the chief designer, Salvador Martínez. He is also the one who came up with the name of the firm, one day, as he was walking on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

Right now the firm does not sell from its website, currently distributing through agents within Spain, as well as Italy, Poland, and the Asian countries. It is also carried by Karmavel Moda, a Madrid fashion store specializing in Made in Spain clothes, shoes, and accessories, which also has an online shopping site. Élysèss is part of their permanent line-up.

Élysèss is currently working on widening its sales network. An online shop is also in the works, so hopefully we will be seeing more of Élysèss shoes within our reach!








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    1. Thank you very much for your comment! I have visited your shopping site already and look forward to the new expanded version. I’m always happy to collaborate with like-minded projects.
      Cheers, Ann

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