Shoe of the Week: Ángel Alarcón

T-bar pump
Our latest Shoe of the Week is this rounded toe T-strap pump with crocodile-effect leather detail by Ángel Alarcón. The 8.5 cm (3.3”) heel is counterbalanced by a 2.5 cm (1″) internal frontal platform.

Today’s Shoe of the Week comes from Ángel Alarcón. The brand belongs to the same family of brands as Mikaela, which was featured many times on this blog (see posts here, here, and here). Mikaela is a casual shoe brand, while Ángel Alarcón makes embellished pumps and sandals with high heels designed for formal occasions, like weddings, but also for any party or evening out. The brand shares the same foot-friendly philosophy and shapely silhouette with Mikaela.

The T-strap pump above, from Ángel Alarcón‘s FW15-16 collection, is a good example of the high quality shoe that both brands produce. It has good coverage, but doesn’t look clunky. The relatively high heel is balanced out by a hidden platform. The design element that I like most is the T-strap: the proportion of the long, gradually tapering stem of the “T” to the top bar gives the pump a light and elegant appearance despite the sturdy heel and the deep front. The crocodile imprint on the heel part is another well thought through detail, understated enough to add a touch of sophistication.

I’ve been checking, but just like MikaelaÁngel Alarcón does not deliver to North America and, unlike Mikaela, it does not show up on YOOX, my online retailer of choice. Besides being distributed through brick and mortar stores in Spain and the nearer abroad, the two brands have an online store with terrific prices and promotions that delivers within Europe, so if you are in Europe, take note, these shoes have a very good price/value ratio.

The rest of us shall have to wait until the company behind  Ángel Alarcón decides to tackle the North American market.



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