Fascination With White Shoes

Fascination with white shoes has been with me for a long time. Independent of bridal fantasies, I think that there is something about white shoes that is dear to a girl’s heart. It may be the promise of summer romance, of carefree time, of dancing…. I don’t know.

For me it started some years ago on a hot tropical day, as I was waiting for my quire practice to begin. (Why I was attending a quire practice on a tropical island is another story). I was always on time and my quire mates (including the quire master) were always fashionably late. Finally, as they started arriving, a car carrying one of our soloists pulled up. As she got out, I saw that she was wearing a smashing pair of white summer boots. Actually, she took her time getting out: first one foot, then another…. The whole scene is still before me, in slow-motion.

I have no idea about the brand of the boots (I was too shy to ask anyway): I only know that they were mid-calf height, of soft leather, with a punched-through decorative pattern. I’ve long forgotten the girl’s name, but I remember being totally smitten with the boots and more than a tad bit envious.

Ever since I’ve always focused on white shoes. I tend to single them out automatically: the other day, as I was browsing through the most recent collections by some of my favorite Spanish brands, I ended putting together a little collection of my own, which I now want to share with you.

The “Namir” perforated pump with a signature wide heel by Audley SS16.
Namir” pumps by Audley SS16. Available to buy here.


White strappy sandal by Chie Mihara. Available at YOOX.


Coccinelle Y Castañer jute espadrille with white leather upper. This espadrille belongs to the capsule collection created by Castañer and the Italian leather accessories firm Coccinelle in 2014. Available at YOOX.


Rio” velcro strap peep-toe pump in white and bone-colored leather with blue patent leather trim by The ART Company SS16.


Granted this pump is not all white, but the Mediterranean blue accent trim makes the white stand out more. You can buy it here.

I love that the “Rio” pump comes in two shades of white: pure white and bone. The leathers are also different, which makes the pump even more interesting visually.

Ophelie” lace pattern cork wedge with white suede upper by Paloma Barceló SS16. You can buy it here.
“Ophelie” wedge by Paloma Barceló SS16, view from the top.

The “Ophelie” wedge is also featured in a recent post about Paloma Barceló‘s Spring-Summer 2016 collection.

White cotton and straw fringe wedge espadrille from Castañer SS16. Available at FarFetch.

I love the fine fringe on this espadrille. As usual, if you are interested in checking out this model, click on the picture. By going through the image link, you are supporting this site!

Featured image: “Harriet” kitten heel slingback by Ursula Mascaró SS16. You can purchase it here.

So, here you have it! I hope you liked my little collection. White shoes, anyone?





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