Shoe of the Week: Virreina

This Shoe of the Week is by the Virreina brand from Menorca. Virreina is a bit of a rare treat on the net. I literally cried my eyes out once when I missed the chance of buying a Virreina bag on YOOX.

Virreina designers strive for absolute simplicity and functionality. The sandal below is designed in a pure and timeless style of Mediterranean comfort. The leather used is of high quality, as it is the case with all shoe manufacturers in Menorca.

Many, many brands these days produce summer sandals in pseudo Greek and Roman styles. It is a trend. This Virreina sandal has nothing to do with any trends. It is simply the same type of sandal that was used in the western Mediterranean for thousands of years. It is the kind of sandal that makes you forget you are wearing shoes. Yet it is very good at holding your foot in place and protecting your sole from the elements. At the same time the interlacing leather straps make for a pretty pattern on your foot. I adore this sandal.

It is also an incredible steal (Virreina shoes and bags are usually moderate to high priced). The sandals is available through YOOX for $59 for a lucky size 8. Which I am not, otherwise I wouldn’t be posting it here.

Flat natural color leather sandals with a back zipper by Virreina. Available at YOOX.

To purchase, click on the picture. Happy walking!



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