Deux Souliers Shoes: Toothy Soles

Deux Souliers Shoes Spring-Summer 2016 collection stands out because of its serrated or “toothy” soles. These soles, designed in-house, are made from Microporous EVA, a very good anti-slip material.  The forward-thinking Barcelona-based brand prides itself on using the best and the latest in footwear technology in its collections. It fits in well with the Deux Souliers‘ “beauty in function” philosophy. What is usually perceived as a purely functional feature often becomes the focal point of the whole shoe.

Deux Souliers Shoes
Picnic Teeth” sling back textured leather flat by Deux Souliers SS16.

This sporty sandal is called “Picnic Teeth“. The sharp-looking industrial style sole is separated from the leather upper by a contrasting strip of snow-white rubber.

Deux Souliers Shoes

The “teeth” are also visible from the top, accentuated by the softly rounded shape of the toe.

Deux Souliers shoes
Flat gel-padded sandal with serrated rubber sole. Deux Souliers SS16.


The gently “rolling” teeth of the outer sole really pep up this otherwise ascetic-looking sandal.


Deux Souliers
Deux Souliers X-Light Heel leather platform sandal with bottle green leather upper. Heel height: 2.8”, 1.2” platform.

Deux Souliers


The thick platform and heel are made from ultra-light rubber. The wide-set “teeth” make the sandal visually lighter as well.


Deux Souliers
A simple black wedge sandal by Deux Souliers SS16. 2.8” cm high ultra-light wooden sole, with 1.8”’ platform.

To each shoe, its own set of “teeth”. Less is more: the contrasting white staples and the serrated wedge are all the embellishments this sandal needs.


Deux Souliers
Nude sandal with a lightly-serrated flat rubber sole. By Deux Souliers SS16.


If I had to choose, I would definitely go for the wedge sandals. I also find the “Picnic Teeth” sandal really cool.

Designs featured in this post will be sold at Deux Soulierspop-up shop at La Roca Village, a collection of designer outlet stores outside Barcelona. The pop-up shop is part of the “Barcelona Designers Collective” shopping event showcasing emerging designers. Deux Souliers shoes will be on display next to Timberland from June 22nd to August 22nd.

In short, I am really itching to get my feet into a pair of Deux Souliers. I have a feeling that wearing them would be more than a foray into a different style. Deux Souliers shoes would be a foray into a whole new outlook on fashion. I can’t wait!


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