Designer High Heels by Sara Navarro

Designer high heels differ from regular high heels in much more than price. The ones that are truly exceptional mirror the identity of their creator. This is definitely the case with the luxury designer shoes and accessories brand of Sara Navarro. The designer’s independent spirit, romantic sensibility, and zest for life are clearly reflected in her shoes.

Designer High Heels
Sara Navarro attending the Telva Magazine Fashion Awards in 2008. Source:

Her collection of designer high heels and bags is called “Haute Chaussure pour Sybarites“. This is French for “High Shoe Couture for Sybarites“. Sybarites, if you are wondering, are people who are very fond of sensuous luxury.

Sara Navarro seduces with her signature cherry color, gorgeous leather, and a lot of love for her craft. The designs are inspired by iconic film beauties like Ava Gardner, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and modern style mavens like Cate Blanchett and Emma Stone.

Designer High Heels
Ava” patent leather platform stiletto pump from the “Emblematics” line by Sara Navarro. Heel height: 4.7″, 1.2” external platform.

Ava Gardner is Spain‘s favorite Hollywood legend. (Here is the story why.)

designer high heels
Gold-colored leather insole with scalloped trim: another hallmark of the Sara Navarro brand. The external platform is covered in finely textured suede.

It’s not all for show, however. Sara Navarro uses her shoe making mastery and artistic taste to create a special connection between the shoes and the women who wear them. Her swanky heels are made from first-rate materials and are a dream to touch. They also have another sensuous quality: scent.

designer high heels
Sara Navarro with one of her scented pumps. The scent is injected into the sole with the help of special technology.
designer high heels
Bardot” peep-toe suede pump from the Sara NavarroEmblematics” collection.
designer high heels
Bardot” suede pump with a cherry-scented sole by Sara Navarro. It features a sturdy 4.7″ heel and an 1.2” external platform.

Soft, pleasant, and lasting, the cherry scent is used for “Emblematics“, “Evening“, and “Season” collections. Delicate and fresh orange blossom is reserved for the bridal line.

Designer High Heels
Blanchet” jeweled reptile-print sandal from the “Evening” collection by Sara Navarro. Heel height 4.7″, 1.2″ external platform.
designer high heels
Emma” reptile-print sandal in rosé Champagne with gold tone Swarovsky crystal cascade detailing. Heel height 4.3”, 0.8″ external platform. Designer: Sara Navarro.
designer high heels
Gazing through a veil: “Emma” high heel evening sandal by Sara Navarro.

These stiletto sandals look like something out of the “One Thousand and One Nights“. I am particularly smitten with the “Emma” sandal. When at rest, the gold tone crystal-studded streamers fall straight down like an exquisite veil. Only imagine the brilliant sparkles whirring  around the ankle when the sandal is in motion!

designer high heels
Emma” sandal by Sara Navarro in close-up. The striking crystal adornment is designed to invoke the image of champagne bubbles.

There are no two ways about it – to have on a pair of  Sara Navarro designer high heels would really be something. They are extremely queenly. By the way, His Majesty the King‘s approval is guaranteed:)

designer high heels
Sara Navarro and King Felipe VI of Spain.

And to top it all off, one last creation that takes the prize:

designer high heels
Catherine” bejeweled stiletto sandal in silver by Sara Navarro.
designer high heels
The wide, Swarovsky crystal encrusted ankle strap resembles an imperial crown. Not surprisingly, “Catherine” is the most expensive item of the evening line.

This glorious creation by Sara Navarro is named “Catherine“. Very to the point, as it makes me think of Catherine the Great of Russia, an empress famous for her extraordinary collection of art, gems and other luxury items. I also believe that I’ve got the perfect dress for the “Catherine” sandals (some slight alterations may be required:)

Designer High Heels
Catherine the Great’s coronation dress. Image source:

While this dress is not for sale, you can purchase Sara Navarro‘s designer high heels and accessories at the brand’s web shop.

The designer atelier is located at 83 c/ Goya, unit 6º (on the left) in Madrid‘s posh Salamanca district (see Salamanca shopping guide here). The price tag is high, but on par with other luxury designers. Noblesse oblige.



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