Art Shoes in TO

Art shoes from La Rioja are terrific. The more I find out about this brand, the more I like it.

The moment I saw the “Rio” pump on The Art Company website, I was totally smitten with its shape. And with how stunning its intense blue patent leather trim looked against the bone white leather.

Art Shoes
Rio” pump by the Art Company from La Rioja. The pump features a velcro side closure.

It turned out to be a “dancing trend” pump (all shoes on the Art website are categorized by “trends”). Leave it to me to always go for the dance-related shoes.

I was really excited when the shoes arrived in the spring, fresh from the brand’s Spring-Summer 2016 collection.

Art Shoes
Rio pump from the Art Shoes SS16 collection.

and could hardly wait for the right occasion to take them “out on the town“. I finally ventured out in June, legs still untanned:

Art Shoes
Rio” pump by Art Shoes. Springy rubber is great, at 3” not too high, but definitely the highest it can be, while still being suitable for dancing.

The pump is made of combination gaucho and boa leather. Gaucho leather, as I found out here, is handcrafted Italian cow-hide leather with a unique textured grain. The leather is finished with a light glaze that accentuates the surface texture and enhances transparency. It requires minimal care. As the name suggests, boa leather, in the middle part of the pump, has reptile-inspired texture.

Here is another version of the “Rio” pump:

Art Shoes
The “Rio” pump in multicolor looks like a shoe version of a famous Mondrian painting.
art shoes
Broadway Boogie Woogie” by Piet Mondrian. Talk about dancing, and Art! More about Mondrian‘s art here.


Art Shoes
Reflections of Toronto. With Art Shoes from Spain.

Like all Art Shoes, the “Rio” pump is lined with a luxurious cushy micro-fiber insole, which is great for walking. It’s not just the insole though. I think that the whole shoe is built in such a way that legs and feet don’t suffer. You know the feeling when you take off high heels and your feet go “Aww….“? Well, it wasn’t there. There was nothing to get relief from. It was all good. Enough to make a girl dreamy:)

art shoes
Wearing my Rio” pumps, July 2016, Bay/Front streets, Toronto. The shoes inspired the outfit.

So this is my experience of the Art brand. You can buy the shoes, including the “Rio” pump (last sizes currently on sale), online from the Art Company website (they deliver globally). I also spotted some models by Art at Scarpino Shoes in Toronto (they have two locations on Queen Street, in Toronto’s fashion district).

Coming soon: a review of Art‘s upcoming Fall-Winter collection.




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