Red Shoe Tuesday

Red Shoe Tuesday is an invitation to wear red shoes or a red tie to work, to show your support of other women’s professional dreams. The idea comes from Mariela Dabbah, a charismatic speaker, corporate consultant, and New York based author who heads the “Red Shoe Movement. I’m all for Red Shoe Tuesday, but  since I don’t work in an office, I will be showing my support through this blog and other social media.

red shoe tuesday
Mariela Dabbah, founder, the Red Shoe Movement.

Red Shoe Tuesday

A few words about the “Red Shoe Movement“, which I discovered through Twitter. Red Shoe Movement is an organization that helps women realize their ambitions in the corporate world. The highlight is on Hispanic women, who are widely present in the North American workforce, but the advice is pretty universal. By working with the employers to make the corporate world a better place for Latina women,  the “Red Shoe Movement” is making change happen for all women. It’s a win-win situation. Mariela Dabbah‘s “Find Your Inner Red Shoes: Step Into Your Own Style of Success” book is available here and here.

Here are the guiding principles of the Red Shoe Movement:

red shoe tuesday

Aren’t they great? I particularly like the fact that this equally applies to both women and men. Just like a man shouldn’t badmouth a woman, other women should not do it either. Women as well as men should celebrate the accomplishments of women in the workforce. And anyone who is qualified can be a mentor.

Red Shoe Tuesday
Go Red Shoe Tuesday with “Ines” peep-toe wedge by Maians SS16.

I’ve always loved wearing red shoes or boots. Now, thanks to Mariela Dabbah and the Red Shoe Movement, there is an even better reason to do it.

red shoe tuesday
Happy Red Shoe Tuesday! Peep-toe espadrille wedge with suede upper by Paloma Barcelo’.


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