Sheepskin Boots from Spain

Sheepskin boots stand for warmth and comfort in the winter. As far as style is concerned, the situation varies. Is it ultimately possible to have your cake and eat it too? In short, are there good-looking high-quality sheepskin boots out there? The answer is a resounding “yes”!

Spanish Sheepskin Boots

Where do they make good-looking and reliable sheepskin boots? If you guessed Australia, you are only partly right. Excellent sheepskin boots for both men and women are also designed and made in Spain. Spain’s involvement with sheep goes centuries back, to the times when Mesta, a powerful association of sheep ranchers, overrode everyone in the kingdom to secure never-to-expire rights-of-way for their sheep. Some of these grazing paths are now city streets. Sheep farmers still drive their sheep through these paths on occasion, just to remind everyone of this remarkable privilege.

sheepskin boots
Igloo” sheepskin lined lace-up boot by Panama Jack.
sheepskin boots
The “Igloo” sheepskin boot is available on Spartoo.

Here is a classic mustard yellow waterproof napa leather laced boot by Panama Jack. Panama Jack belongs to the Valencian group of Spanish shoe manufacturers. The company is based in Elche, province of Alicante.

Panama Jack is a brand that caters to adventurers and explorers of all kinds: from the humble weekend hiker to the intrepid glacier-climbing types. Panama Jack sheepskin boots are very well reviewed for their foot-friendly construction and warmth. The boots are waterproof and the all-terrain natural rubber sole makes them very safe.

sheepskin boots
The anatomy of Panama JackIgloo” sheepskin boot in vintage napa (mustard yellow).

Personally, I am not a fan of the mustard yellow color, in shoes or otherwise, but lots of people don’t seem to mind. I am seeing a lot of mustard yellow hiking boots out there. Panama Jack started producing their shoes in 1989. I don’t know if the boots I’m noticing on the streets here are knock-offs or actual Panama Jacks. Of course, Panama Jacks make a whole lot of sense for North America, as we get a lot of snow, ice, sleet, and other pleasures of winter. We all can use a pair of sheepskin water-proof Panama Jacks.

Here is my personal favorite:

sheepskin boots
Piola” low-heel sheep-fleece lined boot by Panama Jack. 169 Euros from Pablo Ochoa Shoes.
sheepskin boots
This Panama Jack boot can be styled in two different ways. Available from Pablo Ochoa Shoes.

This cognac-colored sheepskin fur lined boot looks super toasty. A classic preppy style winter boot, it goes amazing with denim.

sheepskin boots
Fold-over sheepskin-lined ankle boot by Panama Jack.

I also really like this style:

sheepskin boots
Felia” sheepskin lined short boot by Panama Jack.
sheepskin boots
This stylish grey nubuck boot by Panama Jack is also waterproof.

Where To Get Spanish Sheepskin Boots

Panama Jack does not seem to have direct online sales to North America, but many other online shoe retailers do. Places like  Shoes International and Spartoo have worldwide delivery. There is also Pablo Ochoa Shoes, a Spanish online retailer, which stocks a good selection of Panama Jack sheepskin boots, like the gorgeous “Piola” fold-over boot above, as well several other styles. North American customers can order by email.

sheepskin boots


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