My Enchanted Fantasy Christmas

Fantasy Christmas is the best type of Christmas there is. This brilliant and magical vision takes place mainly in your imagination. The closest thing to it that I can think of is the traditional “Nutcracker” ballet extravaganza.

fantasy christmas
The prima ballerina stepping out of the giant Faberge egg in Nutcracker. National Ballet of Canada. Image source here.

It is always fun to revert back to this wonderful childhood feeling that something magical is going to happen on or right around Christmas.  For example, I like to imagine that some of my dream shoes and accessories may wondrously appear.

A Fantasy Christmas List

The season inspired me to put together a list of things that would make me very happy: a fantasy Christmas list.  Since we are talking fantasy, price is no object. There is only one rule: common sense has no place on a fantasy Christmas list. There is nothing common about fantasy Christmas. And that’s the whole point.

As I’ve said many times on this blog and in other places, Spain is a wonderland for lovers of great shoes and accessories. My fantasy Christmas list was a great excuse for browsing creations by some of the finest Spanish modern day artisans.

fantasy christmas

“Blake” D’Orsay-style high-heel pump by Sara Navarro.

christmas list
Blake” D’Orsay style suede designer high-heel pump by Sara Navarro. 630 Euros on the Sara Navarro website.
christmas list
The “Blake” pump has a 10 cm (4″) with a 2 cm (0.8″) inner platform.

This D’Orsay-style pump (meaning that the shoe is open on one or both sides, revealing the arch) is a true luxury, both in design, material quality, and price. To top it all of, it is cherry-scented.  Sara Navarro‘s scented high-heels are legendary. They are meant to make you feel like you are the Sugar Plum Fairy. Generally I do not go for stiletto heels, but in this case, I would without hesitation. Having followed Spanish shoe designers for a few years now, I know that if there is anything they hate, it is for their shoes to be pure show pieces – great to look at, but impossible to wear. Designers like Sara Navarro stake their whole professional pride on the construction of their shoes: pointy toe, stiletto heel, et al.

christmas list
Cherry-scented stiletto heel D’Orsay style stiletto pump with nude lining and cherry-colored sole by Sara Navarro.

The “Blake” pump is cherry-scented by means of special in-house technology. It features the faintest pink-nude suede and signature cherry sole. Double straps cross each other and gently hug the instep. Even just holding these shoes in the hand would be something special.

fantasy christmas

Alhambra” golden clutch, also by Sara Navarro.

This python-imitation clutch is an exquisite example of high-level leather craftsmanship. The intricate golden geometric designs from the interior of the Alhambra palace in Granada served as inspiration.

fantasy christmas
The “Alhambra” clutch by Sara Navarro was inspired by the designs from the famous Alhambra palace in Granada. 450 Euros on the Sara Navarro website.


fantasy Christmas
The “Alhambra” golden clutch by Sara Navarro is encrusted with rows and rows of small Swarovski crystals.

This clutch strives to replicate the breathtaking mix of delicacy and opulence that is the hallmark of the Alhambra: an almost mythical former residence of the sultans of Granada. The result is a romantic mystery encased in leather and crystals.

fantasy christmas

Jewelry set by Xavier del Cerro of Barcelona.

fantasy christmas
A jewelry set featuring a pale green hydrothermal quartz crystal. By Xavier del Cerro of Barcelona. Made to order.

The last item on my fantasy Christmas list is a jewelry set by a favorite jewelry place, the Xavier del Cerro jewelry workshop based in Barcelona. The workshop is run by a father and daughter team. The designers are incredibly creative, happily drawing their inspiration from layers and layers of Barcelona‘s rich artistic and cultural heritage. Xavier del Cerro works with a number of precious and semi-precious stones, as well as man-made crystals. The stones are always enclosed in elaborate, but very modern settings of gold and gold-plated silver. The beautiful set in the image above was made to order: you couldn’t buy it from their website or anywhere else. It would have to be made to order.

It is not always easy to custom order jewelry: you need to have a very good idea of what you want, but it is an amazing privilege to have the artisans help you with your choice and then create a piece (or a set) only with you or that special person in your life in mind.

So these are the things that are on my fantasy Christmas list this year. What is on your list?





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