Shoes and Chocolate For Valentine’s Day

Shoes and chocolate are the best treats a woman can get on Valentine’s Day. I used to underestimate chocolate, but I never underestimated the power of shoes. Lately, I’ve been scouring YOOX, my affiliate partner and THE greatest online destination for Spanish shoes outside Spain, for good deals on yummy Spanish shoes. Here is what I came up with:

shoes and chocolate
Chelsea style ankle boot by Si by Sinela. $98 on YOOX. For further details and to buy click on the image.

iconiconI’ve had my eye on these cute deep-red ankle boots for a while. Si by Sinela makes great shoes, but it’s a good idea to keep in mind that their designs tend to be on the narrow side. The thick serrated sole and smooth, sturdy leather will get you through any winter slush with flying colors. In my experience, Spanish leather is very good at withstanding salt and other aggressive substances cities use to melt snow and ice on their sidewalks. All you have to do is wipe the boots with a clean wet cloth when you get home. The price of these boots is amazing, but only a few sizes are left. (To find out if yours is still available, click on the image).

shoes and chocolate
Deep burgundy Chelsea style ankle boot with reptile effect side gores by Pons Quintana. $56 at YOOX. For further details, click on the image.

Continuing with the red Valentine’s Day theme, here is a beautiful pair of medium heel Chelseas by Pons Quintana. These boots have a finer leather texture than the Si by Sinela booties above. Glossy reptile effect leather inserts hide the elastic component, making the boots look very elegant. The boots also have a zipper on the inner side. The price is out of this world good.


Patent leather pump with a stylized bow detail by Pretty Ballerinas. $107 on YOOX. For more details, click on the image.

This Pretty Ballerinas pump is made of deeply red shiny patent leather and features an unusual sculpted bow. Like Si by Sinela, Pretty Ballerinas are ideal for a normal to narrow foot.

shoes and chocolate
Pink gold high-heel sandals in reptile effect leather by Magrit. Heel height 3.9″. $265 on YOOX.

Magrit is a luxury brand with a reputation for dressing the cream of Spanish society. Hence the price. However, comparatively speaking, it is not high for shoes of this quality. The brand loves using textures, embellishments, and any other means to create the “wow” effect. Magrit shoes are made to dazzle and dazzle they do. I would love to try them on one day: I hear that they are also highly wearable.

Finally, let’s not forget the chocolate!  I wouldn’t presume to recommend one brand over the other, but we all know that shoes and chocolate are only as good as the people who make them. Happy Valentine’s Day!

shoes and chocolate
Photo courtesy of Godiva.


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