Paloma Barceló Summer Raffia Shoes

Summer raffia shoes are one of those simple delights that are very close to my heart. There is so much beauty in something so simple like raffia. Of course, it takes great skill and specific technology to make raffia look like that. Paloma Barceló, one of this blog’s most admired brands, is in full possession of both. The Las Bailarinas brand did something similar, but it was a much smaller company and it didn’t stay in business, unfortunately. But their little raffia bluchers were adorable.

Here is something to look forward to in these chilly winter months – a raffia ballerina from Paloma Barceló‘s Spring-Summer 2017 collection.

summer rafia shoes
Paloma Barceló lacy raffia ballerina with a low cork heel. Spring-Summer 2017 collection.
summer raffia shoes
Provence Natural” raffia ballerinas by Paloma Barceló. $284 (taxes and duties included) on the Paloma Barceló website.

Lacy summer raffia shoes, perfectly paired with a gorgeous powder blue summer suit. Natural look par excellence courtesy of Paloma Barceló.

These ballerinas are now available on the Paloma Barceló website, as well as these sandals of a similar type:

summer raffia shoes
Cely Natural viscose rope open-toe sandal with medium cork heel. $307 on the Paloma Barceló website.
summer raffia shoes
Cely natural rope sandal. Paloma Barceló SS17.
summer raffia shoes
Paloma Barceló SS17.

The “Cely” sandal is made out of viscose rope, not raffia, but it has a very similar look. The Paloma Barceló Spring-Summer 2017 collection is delightful in and of itself and it warrants a separate post. For now, I leave you with the “Cely” sandal and the beautiful summer raffia shoes – a little breath of the Mediterranean.


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    1. Hi Carmen, so sorry for having missed your comment. It was due to some technical problems with the comment app.
      The Paloma Barceló raffia sandals are from last year’s collection, but some sizes are still available on YOOX, here are the links:,,,, You can take a look at the page. The Paloma Barceló website currently offers this raffia sandal:

      Hope this helps!


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