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I used to think of the moccasin (or the loafer, as many people call it) as something posh, but unexciting (funny, isn’t it, given the moccasin’s humble origin as a simple hand-sewn shoe), but, boy, have I since changed my mind. On certain occasions and with certain outfits, a nice moccasin can be both stylish and practical. And, if it is cute, as the Spanish mocs that I’m about to show you are, so much the better. I dubbed this list the “Moccasin File“.

I would like to open “The File” with my favorite moccasin of the season, made by Homers of Menorca. Strictly speaking, it is not a traditional moccasin, but its slip-on style, tassel detailing, and the use of a buckled strap as an embellishment, essentially put it in that category.

moc file
Alice” moccasin style ballerina flat with cascading fringe and buckle detailing by Homers. 254 Euros on Homers website (delivery only within the European Union).
moc file
Textured leather “Alice” loafer by Homers SS17. Also available in silver.

The most beautiful feature of this moccasin is the very attractive embossed leather that Homers, in particular, and Menorca, in general, is well-known for. I love this shoe – it’s pretty enough to inspire a girl to look her best, but it’s not overly girly, so outfit options are practically unlimited.

moc file
Joana” stud embellished mocs with tassel detailing by Angel Infantes SS17. 195 Euros on the Angel Infantes website.
moc file
Joana” moccasin by Angel Infantes SS17. Made and designed in Spain. 195 Euros on the Angel Infantes website.

Angel Infantes is a firm that specializes in very high-quality dress shoes, mostly for men, but they also have an intriguing women’s line. The designs have a strong masculine vibe (unsurprisingly) and range from more formal lace-up shoes to bluchers, sneakers, and moccasins, all with an air of extravagance and refinement. This does not preclude the designers from letting their fancy fly high and create things like the “Joana” moccasin. The moccasin is a striking vision in purple tightly covered in metallic studs and featuring silver metallic leather trimming and matching silver tassels. And that’s not the end of it: the sole consists of a layer of rope (a salute to the espadrille) followed by layers of red and white rubber. The last, white rubber layer is serrated for better traction. I’m fascinated by this shoe – it’s gutsy, fashionable, fun, and highly wearable at the same time.


Traditional soft leather moccasin in electric blue by Pons Quintana. 165 Euros on the Pons Quintana website. Also available in green, red, and fuchsia.
The outer sole and the back of this Pons Quintana moc is covered in rubber studs, making a great driving shoe.
Pons Quintana soft leather moc in fuchsia. Spring-Summer 2017. 165 Euros on the Pons Quintana website.

Pons Quintana, another Menorcan brand, opted for tradition and simplicity. Comfort goes without saying – the supple quality of the leather would make these mocs a sheer pleasure to wear on a bare foot. The springy rubber studs are there to provide good traction. And I’m not even talking about the colors: Pons Quintana‘s  color palette is to die for (this moc is also available in fresh grass green and deep velvety red).

Here is a pair of Pons Quintana mocs currently available on YOOX (my affiliate partner):


“Color splash” soft leather moccasin by Pons Quintana. $179 on YOOX. For details, click on the picture.


Evelyn” loafer by Hispanitas. $208.61 on Nordstrom.

It’s always great to see Spanish shoes making it over the pond and be available at an upscale North American retailer.  With its slender decorative bit at the vamp and low wrapped heel, this “Evelyn” moc by Hispanitas goes very well with a chic, dressy style. The word “business casual” comes to mind. It is a Spanish version of the classic preppy loafer.

Golden metallic leather moccasin by Hispanitas. 109 Euros on the Hispanitas website.
This elegant leather moc also comes in pewter and three matte leather options.

This moc is not only fancy looking but also interesting because of the collapsible back. It looks like the idea is to leave the back part as flexible as possible so that it can adjust to the individual wearer’s foot shape. Good thinking, because very often discomfort in shoes is caused by the chafing of the back.

I haven’t personally tried these shoes on myself, so I cannot tell you if this method works. It does tell me, however, that Hispanitas does not plan to sacrifice comfort to style even as the brand is making a concerted and, by all signs, successful effort to firmly establish itself in the dress shoes territory, both in Spain and abroad. Hispanitas website delivers internationally: if you don’t find your country on the list, send an email inquiry.

Bicolor loafer mule in black antic leather and taupe napa by Magro Cardona. Also available in gold. Designed in Madrid, Made in Toledo, Spain. 190 Euros on the Magro Cardona website.
These minimalist mule-style two-tone moccasins by Magro Cardona are handmade by skilled artisans. Subtle variations occur.

Magro Cardona is a young and up-and-coming boutique shoe brand based in Madrid. Their moccasin version is backless (that’s what also technically makes it a “mule“), which is very much in trend. I don’t know how comfortable it is to wear loafers with no back, but the quality and softness of the leather of these two-tone moccasins is extremely seductive. The color combination, in particular, is stunning. All in all, these mocs are the height of casual chic. Each pair is made individually, so the shoes you are buying are unique. Not personally made for you, but pretty close. I have a feeling that I will be featuring a lot more of Magro Cardona on this blog in the future. It’s nice to see that their e-shop delivers worldwide.

So, here it is, a sampler of this popular type of shoe from only a small number of shoe producers from Spain. Hope you enjoyed it!


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