Sparkling Shoes for a Happy New Year

New Year’s festivities bring to light lots and lots of sparkling shoes. Practically all women’s shoe brands use glitter in their winter models, presenting them as perfect party heels. It is not very easy to stand out in this crowd, but some brands do. The one brand that I always single out when it comes to sparkling shoes is RAS.  This Spanish luxury brand is favoured by fashionistas of all stripes – their shoes make for great Instagram material. I don’t own any RAS shoes because they are too narrow for me. However, I do admire the brand very much. It has a remarkable ability to dazzle that I just cannot resist. This is what I recently saw on RAS’s Instagram feed:

sparkling shoes
Crystal embellished velvet ballerinas by RAS.
sparkling shoes
The generous crystal design is mounted on a piece of transparent silicone.
sparkling shoes
These RAS ballerinas have a leather interior, rubber sole, and a 0.3” hidden platform. Caution: narrow fit, order one size up!

These shoes are sold on Rechi, a Ukranian-based online luxury fashion retailer. RAS is one of the few Spanish brands that are carried there, along with much wider known Italian brands. Many buyers are still surprised when they discover that Spanish shoes are as well-made and as fashionable as the Italian ones.

As I always say on this blog, Spanish shoes are generally undervalued on the luxury goods market, but for us, the consumers, this is a good thing right now: we get great shoes at more than competitive prices. Style cannot be limited to a few choice brands that have done a great marketing job. Real style is a work in progress and the search is never over. Those perfect shoes you have always dreamed of are out there and you should not have to settle.

From the very beginning, this blog’s mission has been to reveal these hidden treasures and make them more accessible to as many people as we can possibly reach. As for the crystal ballerinas by RAS featured abovethey are available to people living in Ukraine and adjacent countries. Eastern Europe is relatively new to luxury goods, but all the more eager for it. They literally want to have it all! In North America, YOOX, my shopping partner, regularly carries a large selection of RAS: sparkling shoes and all. Like these elegant ankle strap kitten heels below, made of techno fabric, sateen, sequins, rhinestones, and nude leather lining:

sparkling shoes
Glitter pump by RAS, $161 on YOOX. Click on the image for more details.



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