Valverde del Camino boots in Roberto Exteberría’s “Paris Berlin Moscow”

Boots by the Valverde del Camino group from Huelva, Andalusia made an appearance in Roberto López Exteberría‘s Fall-Winter 2013-14 collection called “Paris Berlin Moscow” (Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid February 2013). In the words of the Spanish blog “Más que Ropa” ( the collection could be described as “an ode to the coat” – that most definitive winter garment. To go along with the coats, the Basque designer chose black and reddish-brown Valverde del Camino boots made after Exteberría’s own designs.Exte.ValverdedelCamino5


Rising to within a few inches of the kneecap, with no laces, a stiff shaft and high polish, the boots remind me of a military classic – the  marching boot. Military or not, Valverde del Camino boots are a definite highlight of the collection, not to mention convenient for tucking in Russian-style fur pants and galife trousers that bring to life the street look of post-revolutionary Moscow.



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