How I came to love Pons Quintana

Browsing shoes online last Christmas, I came across these darlings:

PQred PQfirstlove

Red suede T-strap sandals with rhinestones in the front, by Pons Quintana. In the midst of Canadian winter, these beauties were exactly what I’d been craving. Best of all, they were available to buy online from the company’s web shop.

My size was not there. I wrote to the company, just in case. A nice woman called Nima Ferrer responded to my e-mail in a day or two. She confirmed that there was no stock.

Oh well. But I kept coming back to the company’s website. I couldn’t resist looking at their shoes.

Then they came up with their spring-summer collection and I saw this:

PQ SS13 Melody

This pretty ballerina (sorry, Pretty Ballerinas), woven into a delicate perfection, was called Melody. It sure played the strings of my heart.


There was also this:



And this:


This is what I finally ended up buying:


I consulted Nima about the size. She was very helpful, sending me a conversion chart, reiterating over e-mail how important it was that shoes fit properly, did I need extra insoles, they could send some, etc, etc, greetings from sunny Menorca.

When the shoes arrived (very quickly), they fit like a glove. By which I mean to say that when I first put them on, they felt a bit loose on the sides, but after taking a step or two, they had magically readjusted their shape and were gently hugging my feet (can it be one of the properties of their woven design? I don’t know). Anyway, I was smitten. Nima, too, was very happy. She was the one who had told me not to settle and was ready to take them back at a moment’s notice.

My Pons Quintanas and I in Europe this summer (I hope you disregard the scrapes, bruises and weird tan lines):


A happy ending indeed! Stay tuned – much more Pons Quintana ahead!


P.S. An update a year later: I now also own two pairs of Pons Quintana boots and a clutch bag (see photo in my Instagram feed). My wish list remains a mile long:)


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