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PQ PalmaPons Quintana of Alaior, Menorca is a second generation family business that is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. It all started in the 50s with the manufacturing of the “babucha” slipper, which promptly became a household name in Spain. In the late 80s, early 90s Pons Quintana entered the market of fashion shoes, with more emphasis on design and Europe-wide trends (and lucky for us they did!). The company’s trademark braided (“trenzado”) design, tried and tested over the years, has become a unique feature that distinguishes it from its competitors. Extremely interesting visually, this technique makes the shoe feel very soft, yet secure on the foot. The vibrancy of color is enhanced through the interplay of individual braids with the light.

(Photo above: Pons Quintana store in downtown Palma de Mallorca, Spain)

Pons Quintana shoes are made from high-quality genuine leather, by expert craftsmen and women who excel at applying most up to date technological methods and materials to what is at heart a long-standing artisanal tradition. Shoes from Pons Quintana’s Spring-Summer and Fall-Winter collections  can be found in company’s own retail stores in Menorca, Mallorca, and mainland Spain, as well as purchased online at www.ponsquintana.com.

Pons Quintana Momad Metropolis

Pons Quintana at Madrid’s Momad Metropolis Industry Trade Fair, September 2013

The company regularly participates in a number of major international trade fairs in Europe and around the world and is expanding its exports, most recently to the Latin American market.PQ4


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