Designer Sara Navarro

Designer Sara NavarroDesigner Sara Navarro

Designer Sara Navarro
Sara Navarro as a fashion student in Milan.

The Spanish shoe designer Sara Navarro was born into a prominent shoe making family of Elda, Alicante. She holds a degree in psychology (Valencia) and two Masters degrees: Business Management (Madrid) and Fashion (Milan). Throughout her career the designer has created shoes for leading Spanish fashion designers like Angel Schlesser and Roberto Verino, to name a few. Sara Navarro is also a holder of Spain’s Gold Medal for Achievements in Fine Arts and Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award for 2002.

She currently directs her brands Sara Navarro and SarahWorld from Madrid. Sara Navarro is a luxury brand that focuses on glamorous high heels. SarahWorld creates casual chic style footwear and accessories made from top-quality ecologically friendly materials.

Designer Sara Navarro
Sara Navarro attends the “Grazia” magazine launch party in Madrid, Spain. February 2013. Image source:

Sara Navarro designs shoes for many of Spain’s celebrities and has a very visible presence on Madrid‘s social scene. Her “ready-to-wear” lines of shoes and accessories are relatively small, but very to the point. Shoes and other accessories are created by traditional handcrafted processes using ecologically friendly and responsibly sourced materials.  A third generation shoemaker and industrialist, Sara Navarro is a committed preserver of artisan traditions and a passionate supporter of “Made-in-Spain”.




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