The Spanish pump

The flamenco shoe is the Spanish pump par excellence. It’s low to the ground (try dancing flamenco in high heels), yet perfectly feminine and elegant in a stout, down-to-earth sort of way. The flamenco shoe is usually more heard than seen as it unleashes a frenetic beat under a swoosh of skirts, but from time to time it can be seen throwing a quick graceful kick.

Spanish shoe designers draw a lot of inspiration from the world of flamenco, recreating the rounded toe, the shapely little heel (in a narrower and more elongated version), the narrow ankle strap to hold the shoe in place, the whole package, basically, except the metallic nails underneath the punta(tip) and tacón(heel), which is what gives the flamenco shoes their roaring sound.
This pump can make any woman feel like a flamenca:Unisa Nancy 2

“Nancy” by Unisa. The classical Spanish silhouette pump.


My flamenco pumps by Zapatillas Coral, a Madrid-based manufacturer of flamenco and Spanish traditional dance shoes. Here is me trying to remember how to do the “zapateo” (flamenco’s rhythmical shoe tapping):


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