Castañer Spring-Summer 2014

Thinking of Castañer has made me realize the actual meaning of the word “iconic”. If “to be an icon” means to represent the essence of something, then Castañer is an iconic Mediterranean brand. This encompasses more than creativity and culture, craftsmanship, or business models. Castañer is Mediterranean in its way of being, in what the Spanish very elegantly call “la forma de ser”, or, basically, in the life style that it supports. “La forma de ser” of Castañer is to cherish leisure and luxury, and to generally cultivate the good life.  The fabulous Miss BaiLing of the Italian fashion blog In the Mood for Love very cleverly pointed out that this wicker wedge sling back in the thin-striped nautical fabric from  Castañer’s Spring-Summer 2014 collection is VERY “Brigitte Bardot in St. Tropez”. What do you think?FINA-Hº801314-CC511-V2014brigitte bardot stripes
Here is another version: Castaner-effetto-zebra-per-la-primavera

Then we have some cheerful espadrilles : BLEZ-H8-ED-Hº53888-CC544collage_castaner_01BLANCA-H8ED-Hº801314-CC527

And these adorable crocheted sandals:


I’m totally smitten with these last ones.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak-peek at the Castañer Spring-Summer 2014:)

(Photo credit for the shoes




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