Blue and Gold by eMe

EME blue

These peep-toe pumps by eMe shoes are heavenly. Literally. In Western iconography blue and gold are colors of heaven.

The pumps are made from the noblest shade of ultramarine-colored suede, with pale gold leather trim all around, and exquisite nude lining. (Nude seems to be eMe‘s forte, see Cuban Elegance post). Ultramarine is the name of the deep-blue pigment that was created by grinding the semi-precious lapis lazuli stone into powder.


Western artists used it from the earliest times to create their most important paintings. They had it imported from Afghanistan by sea – hence the name “ultra marine”, Latin for “beyond the sea”.

A little aside: I always think of the chain of tradespeople that undertook the task of bringing the stone from Asia to Europe. It’s almost impossible for us to imagine how people could ship things before modern communications, planes and advances in shipbuilding. It’s really admirable. Apparently, it didn’t take them all that long, either. That’s what I call a truly global economy!

Back to eMe: the shoes have a hidden platform and a 8.5 cm heel. They are available through the company’s online retailer by clicking the “Shop online” link on the eMe website. As of yet, regrettably, eMe shoes does not have delivery to North America.


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