Sacha London Jade peep-toe

Sacha London

First you take a good amount of beautiful cobalt-colored suede, perforate it all over with heart-like shapes (except in the back), then cut out a peep-toe in the front and you’ve got yourself a fine instrument of seduction. It is called Jade by Sacha London. Every time I looked at this ankle bootie on Sacha London website, I got an itch to buy it just to be able to hold in my hands, put it on a shelf, and look at it (they didn’t have my size anymore, so actually wearing it was not an option). Thankfully, someone finally bought it, and I’m glad, because this shoe should be out there, enjoyed by its owner and everyone around her. Somewhere that lucky woman is walking around on its 113 mm light-blue patent leather heels and a sizeable platform, the sides cut as low as possible to reveal the ankle bones, the skin of her feet showing through deep-blue suede. Shoes like that should not be called shoes, but jewelry for the feet.



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