menbur christmas

A Menbur Christmas

It’s Christmas party time and a perfect opportunity to give you a taste of Menbur. Menbur is THE party shoe brand of Spain. As a company that specializes in shoes for fiestas and weddings, they are seriously into good time. Their shoes are beautiful, sexy, and fun. If you’ve been to Spain, you know that the Spanish know how to party. If you haven’t, a look at Menbur shoes will give you an idea.

Here are two perfect Christmas pumps with their matching accessories:


The Dniester pump, named after a river in Eastern Europe. Inspired by a river – how cool is that?

The highlight, of course, is the fine gold netting over the pine green fabric upper  – an amazingly elegant and festive detail. The lining is matching green leather.  The 11 cm (4.3”) heel is supported by a platform covered in solid gold glitter.


Dniester clutch, looking like a precious Christmas tree ornament:


The Ina model in caldera (literally: boiling hot): MenburIna

Even though the appliqué detail is the dominating feature, all the other elements: the color, the texture (looks like suede), the wavy inner rim, the 12 cm (4.7″) heel, the bottom-heavy shape, work together flawlessly to make this pump a vision of dreamy voluptuousness.

It also comes in cherry:


And a matching purse: MenburInaPurse1

Menbur shoes are shipped worldwide, available online at

Have a Menbur Christmas!


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    1. Thanks, Dharia! I’m glad they inspired you. I hear you – we’ll have to content ourselves with happy looking for the time being:)
      By the way, I just discovered an online bridal (and formal events) shoes store (Canadian) that does dyeing very well apparently. They have good information on the whole process, here is the link:

    1. Thanks, Hoda, lovely to hear from you! I don’t own any Menbur shoes yet, but hear a lot of good things from women who do. They are so fun and beautiful! As for the purses… I especially love the green and gold one that looks like a ball.

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