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I’ve become a fan of a wonderful blog about life in Seville, Spain, written by Fiona Watson Flores aka “Scribbler in Seville” – a witty play on the famous “Barber of Seville” opera by Rossini.

Fiona is a professional journalist who writes for the English-speaking online publication The Scribbler in Seville is her personal blog. She is also a wife and a mother of two children. She delivers great insights into life in Seville (Sevilla in Spanish) and Andalusia in general. Having never set foot in Seville, I’m starting to already feel like I know it a little bit, thanks to Fiona. I also love her sense of humour. Very British and hilarious. At the same time it’s obvious how much she has come to love her new home. When you love something, it really shows.

Xmas light in SevillaOlive oil

Her latest post is about Christmas in Seville – she wonders around the center of the town stopping at nativity shops, olive oil tasting stands, buying pastries from the nuns of the nearby convents (I’ve tried those before, they are get out of this world delicious), checking out Christmas lights and decorations and surveying the cultural activities that are taking place in town. Seville’s mild winter weather (it’s 14 C there right now) is perfect for a leisurely stroll around a Christmas market, especially considering how hot it is there in the summer. One time in Granada I tried to go for a stroll  in the afternoon (it was mid-July) and narrowly avoided a sun stroke.

Nativity scenesflamenco show

Photos: Fiona Watson Flores

If you want to know more, here is the link to the actual post.

Happy Christmas from Seville!


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