logotipo-menbur of Granada, Andalusia specializes in special occasions shoes and accessories. Founded in 1967 by Francisco Mena, the company started out producing leather goods for the local market. In late 1980 and 90s Menbur refocused itself on the market for bridal and party shoes and quickly went global, establishing its presence in 80 countries. It recently opened a subsidiary in the US, a step towards a greater integration into the US footwear market. Most of the manufacturing takes place in Spain, with some sourcing from other countries.

Menbur subscribes to the four tenets of Spanish design: beauty, elegance, simplicity and comfort. The company has several lines, each reflecting a different facet of its personality. Overall, Menbur strives to appeal to the dreamy, girly, and daring side of every woman by reinterpreting traditional elements of feminine luxury as satin, lace, and gem-like rhinestones in a fresh, modern context.

Menbur shoes are sold in more than 4000 shops, including over 40 Menbur brand name stores in Spain, Poland, and the Middle East. The company is in the process of launching its own stores in South America, Russia, Turkey, and South East Asia.

Menbur‘s online shop at ships world wide.



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