Sacha London’s Snow Queen

Some days ago on Pinterest I spied a Sacha London Bala ankle boot in pearly white. I’d featured the black version of this model in one of my first posts: Three Reasons to Love These Ankle Boots by Sacha London, but, honestly, it was like I was seeing the boot for the first time. It blew me away. It’s from Sacha London’s bridal collection and is meant for a winter bride. Or the Snow Queen. Whether you are the one or the other, or neither of the above, I think you’d find it sensational.

I wonder what kind of outfit would go with them that is not a bridal dress or a Halloween costume. I’ll ask bloggers from the Independent Fashion Bloggers network to contribute some ideas. This should be fun! For now I leave you with the boot and a photograph of the river Duero, recently taken around Tajueco, a mysterious village in north-western Spain.

I think that the two go very well together. Stay tuned for the outfit post!

SLbala whiteSLbala white1SLbala white2duero-en-puente-de-andaluz-con-nieve-en-arbolado-foto-jose-luis-serrano

Photo: Jose Luis Serrano, courtesy of the blog “Todo Lo Que Hay Que Saber Sobre Tajueco” (“Everything You Need To Know About Tajueco”).


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