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For any Canadians reading this, it’s your chance to receive a Give Away Mystery Card from a company called Trend Trunk. Just click on this link, enter your e-mail and you will receive anywhere from $5 to $250 credit towards purchasing items that are posted on the Trend Trunk website. You would need to become a member to use the credit. It’s well worth it.

Trend Trunk is a social marketplace where members get to shop each others’ closets. The company is run by a super dynamic team out of Hamilton, Ontario. They have a great-looking and, what is equally important, a great-functioning website. You create your account aka your closet (a breeze) and upload pictures of stuff you want to sell. You get prompted through every step. It’s virtually impossible to get confused or to make a mistake. They spoon feed you all the instructions from start to finish. They help you set the price, they make helpful suggestions, in short, they make it really easy. Something like 30,000 people all across Canada are on it already!

gift card back

At first, when they contacted me, my reaction was that it was all very nice, but I don’t have a big closet that you can get lost in where tons of unused or slightly worn fashionable clothes are just hanging around doing nothing. I opened my account on Trend Trunk, but was pretty inert about it all.

However, Sean (the founder) and his team would not let me rest. When they said that they were interested in featuring my blog in their Blogger Fashion Week (first ever!), my interest was piqued. To be part of this event, I had to fill my closet with a minimum of five items. It was a scramble, at first. I did not have many shoes I wanted to part with, especially Spanish ones. Then, after I had uploaded the first five items, I felt a strange urge to sort out my closet. Not that I thought that I would find anything in it to sell. I had been meaning to do it for ages, just never got around to it. While I was doing that, I came across a brand new white tulle skirt I’d bought in the summer, very cute and trendy, but just not for me. This is when it hit me: instead of feeling remorse of spending a good amount of cash on a whim, I can now do something about it and post it on Trend Trunk! And then I remembered the jeans I got a couple of years ago, 7 For All Mankind, expensive, cool, but, alas, not a great fit, so I wore them very little. Trend Trunk! The more I thought about it, the more enthusiastic I became. I still haven’t uploaded all of them, but definitely will. I don’t know how fast they will sell, but it feels good to know that I’m doing something towards it. Trend Trunk keeps 20% of the proceeds, you keep 80%. They also send you a prepaid shipping label. How much easier can it get?

I just ordered a pair of really gorgeous shoes from Spain (see post Blue and Gold by eMe) for a reader of the blog. If for some reason she decides not to keep them, guess where they are going? That’s right, to my closet on Trend Trunk.

And by the way, today, December 14, look for Spanishoegallery on Trend Trunk’s Blogger Fashion Week !


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