Hoss Intropia

HossIntropiaGHoss Intropia is a Madrid-based womenswear brand founded in 1994. “Intropia” is a fusion of two words: introspection and utopia. The brand caters to professional women with a strong individualistic streak,  innate creativity and a passionate desire to succeed on their own terms. Women who have represented the brand include  Spanish ballet dancer Tamara Rojo, Danish fashion model Helena Christensen and American singer-songwriter Diane Birch.
Hoss Intropia‘s designs can be described as unique, elegant, feminine, and dreamy with a touch of fun. The company’s clothes, accessories and footwear lines are sold in multi-brand retailers around the world, online at www.yoox.com and www.shoescribe.com, and in Hoss Intropia‘s brand stores in Spain, Lisbon, London, Rome, and the Middle East. The company is in the process of expanding its sales across Europe and in Latin America, with exports amounting to 67% of total production.

Source: www.fashionfromspain.com

Hoss Intropia shoes

Photo source: http://the-3eyes.blogspot.com


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