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Ankle boots have become a must have. They really go with so many outfits, they can be dressed up or down, they are elegant, and they stand up to the weather from late fall to late spring. Now that the holidays are over, a lot of these boots are on sale. Below is a selection from mid to high-end Spanish designer brands like Pedro García, Pura López, Paloma Barceló, RASCastañer, and Sí by Sinela that I put together by scouring online fashion retailers. Now that Spanishoegallery Blog is a Yoox approved affiliate, you can shop directly from the blog page by clicking on the image. Spanishoegallery does NOT get paid for clicks, only a small percentage for purchases. To us, being in partnership with Yoox means being able to offer the readers of this blog a convenient and safe option for buying Spanish shoes. Yoox is a leading online designer and fashion discount boutique. Because Yoox is so big, it can get very good deals on designer shoes and pass on the value to the shopper. I’ve bought several pairs of Spanish shoes from them and have not been disappointed. Shopping with Yoox is very secure, shipping costs are moderate, shipping speed fast, and returns are easy.

There is also one offer from, a very pricy one, but a great boot, and also a good demonstration of what Spanish shoes can actually go for, especially in North America, where they are still relatively rare.

All prices are in US dollars. Enjoy! I hope you will find something you like:)

Pedro García ankle boot in black, $165,

Sizes 7, 7.5, 8, 10, also available in lead: 7,10

This is an amazing deal, as Pedro García  shoes usually retail for around $US500! icon icon



RAS ankle boots, $98
Sizes: 8, 9, 10 icon icon


Hoss Intropia lace-up ankle boots, $125

Sizes: 6-11 icon icon



Miguel Palacio for Hoss Intropia goat skin ankle boots with gold detail, $155
Sizes: 6,8,10 icon icon


Sí by Sinela black soft leather ankle boots, $98

Sizes: 7,8,9; also available in grey icon icon


Pura López ankle boots with elasticized gores, available in black and lead, $115
Sizes: 9.5 icon icon Pura López ankle boots, suede, dark green, also available in black, $149

Sizes: 9.5 icon icon


Pura López low-cut ankle boots in soft leather, $118
Sizes: 10.5 icon icon Pura López suede ankle boots in dark-brown, $122

Sizes: 9.5 icon icon

Castañer “Patsy” boot, black suede, $684.79
Sizes: 6,7,8,10 icon icon



Paloma Barceló Fuji wedge ankle boot with over-sized buckle, $213.57, also available in taupe.

Sizes: 7, 8, 9, 10.

Can be purchased through Paloma Barceló Online Shop

I just bought it – it was 50% off. I’ve been looking at it for ages. So happy! PBFuji ankle boot


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    1. The Miguel Palacio is really beautiful, theatrical almost. I can see you in it! Even if the shopping links are not useful to you now, there will come a time when you will look around for a pair like that, so hopefully this gives you an idea of what the Spanish brands have to offer.

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